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Perfect Square

The latest magic miracle from the mind of JB Dumas & Michael Lam!
1/ No skills required!
2/ Use any Rubik's cube
3/ Works in extreme close-up
4/ Multiple routines for stage and close-up
It is purely real magic!

A solid commercial worker routine!

Please go to in order to know more details.


(Card Gaff Impossible)

Michael's one-of-a-kind card magic creation!

CGI, the ULTIMATE VISUAL Card Change effect that can be performed in the real world, your audience will swear this is some kind of CGI !!!
Featured on many of Michael Lam's T.V. appearances and his Magic Castle act. Extreme limited quantity supply, only 20 units available! Because it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to make!!!

Hear what the masters say about this impossible piece of magic :

"I love effects like this, that makes people shake their heads and rub their eyes because at first they think they've seen a camera trick, and then they remember they're watching it live!"
-Michael Ammar

"It's a visual miracle!"
-Dani Daortiz

-Mario Lopez

"It left me breathless. A great magical moment."
-Howard Hamburg

"Fxxk you!"
-Eric Jones


Try to get yours when it's still available. Limited quantity.

Each purchase comes with the instructional video.

"Michael was very kind and made me a CGI user a few years ago. Absolutely stunning. Amazing method and workmanship! Highly recommended."
-Bob Kohler

-Lennart Green

"This is crazy!"
-Bill Goodwin

"I want one!"
-Marvin Berglas

"Do not sell this!"

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